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Zony and Yony Catch Up with Ellen


They don't speak much English, but that didn't keep Ellen from trying to catch up with these adorable twins. Ellen Replays the Chris Pratt & Noah Ritter Face-Off. An Adorable 4-Year-Old Presidential Expert! Ellen's Audience Plays 'What's in the Box?' with a 12 Days Twist! Ellen reacting to Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean (compilation). Incredible 3-Year-Old Golfer Tommy. Brielle Finds a New Friend. (HD Full Version) 5 Years Old Ryan Wang on Ellen Show (From CTV) (原始完整版)加拿大华裔琴童5岁王帅文在Ellen Show节目. KPOP IDOLS With Kids (BTS, Wanna One, EXO). Cole Sprouse Recites Creepy Poetry He Wrote As a Child. Legendary Investor Jim Roger's daughters speak excellent Chinese.

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