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Zildjian Live! - Larnell Lewis

Avedis Zildjian Company

Zildjian LIVE! Episode 1: Larnell Lewis
“Change Your Mind”
Written by: Larnell Lewis
Arranged by: Robert Sput Searight

These LIVE performances represent the energy and passion that’s generated when you bring together artists from around the world for a true Zildjian Family Experience!

Zildjian LIVE is hosted by Mike Dolbear, musically directed by Robert “Sput” Searight and features the band GhostNote!

Filmed in the iconic Studio 1 at EastWest Studios in Hollywood, CA!

Larnell’s Cymbal Set Up:
14” K Custom Special Dry Hi Hats
17"" K Custom Special Dry Trash Crash
18” K Custom Special Dry Crash
10” Trashformer 10” K Custom Special Dry Splash (stack)
21” K Custom Dark Complex Ride
10” FX Stack
19” K Custom Special Dry Crash
14” Oriental China 12” Gen 16 Splash 16” K EFX 10” A Custom EFX (stack)

The Zildjian LIVE! Schedule:
Episode 1: Larnell Lewis – May 23rd
Episode 2: Kaz Rodriguez – June 20th
Episode 3: Omar Hakim – July 18th
Episode 4: Nikki Glaspie – August 15th
Episode 5: Will Kennedy – September 12th
Episode 6: Thomas Pridgen – October 17th
Episode 7: Aaron Spears – November 4th

GhostNote Band:
Robert Sput Searight music director/keyboards
Nathaniel Werth percussion
Dwayne “MonoNeon” Thomas bass
Sylvester Onyejiaka – baritone sax, flute
Jonathan Mones – alto sax, flute
Mike Jelani Brooks – tenor saxophone, flute
Vaughn ‘VKeys’ Henry – keyboards
Xavier Taplin – keyboards
Peter Knudsen – guitar
Mike Clowes guitar

Audio Engineering:
Kevin Majorino
Chris Denogean
Tyler Shields

Audio Mixing:
Ben Burget
At 206 Studios

Audio Mastering:
Dave Donnelly
at DNA Mastering

Scott Quade
Trevor Bowman
Evan Chapman
Kevin Eikenberg
Nick Hughes

Francesco Desmaele

Special thanks to Livemix for providing the monitoring system, and Earthworks for the microphones.


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