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Zena | Belgian Shepherd Groenendael Puppy | 8-10 Weeks


(Make sure to change the quality to 4k/1080p before watching!)
Hey guys! I know I've pretty much neglected this channel for like the past 3 years but hopefully I'll be posting a lot more videos from now on. We recently got Zena, Belgian Shepherd Groenendael ;) This is her 810 week video + a few photos of her from 815 weeks at the end. I haven't actually filmed anything since any clips in this video but I plan on making a 6 month Zena video. She is 16 weeks already! Her and Jodie seem to be getting along nicely and has settled in really well I also plan on doing Agility with Zena :)

I hope you enjoy the video!

Filmed on:
Sony A7iii + Sigma 24mm F/1.4 Art + Tamron 70180mm F/2.8

Buttercup Hippo Campus

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posted by dreamgirl77704