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Come Dine With Me

Quite possibly the best guest the show has ever had. Laughter, drama, negligee's, this has it all. Watch more of your favourite moments from Come Dine With Me on the Official YouTube Channel:'>

0:00 Just A Laughing Montage
0:48 I Say Sir, You're A MOCKNEY
2:33 Tina Gets Found Out
8:03 Tina And Reece Go At It
11:00 Impression Game Goes Horribly Wrong
12:04 The Iconic Showdown
15:27 Rob vs Holly

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Come Dine With Me takes people who are experts in the art of giving the perfect dinner party and puts their skills to the test. All are great cooks and excellent hosts but they're all very different. So, if one person's perfect dinner party is another person's evening from hell, how will our hosts cope with a whole week of each other's hospitality?

Each night for a week, one of our hosts will throw a dinner party for the others. They all have their own unique styles of cooking and entertaining, but they're all determined to impress, because at the end of each evening, the guests will give their host a mark out of ten. The host with the most points at the end of the week wins £1,000 pounds. Come Dine With Me has expanded to a variety of formats including singles, couples and celebrity specials!

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