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You Should Be Using Yubikeys!

Crosstalk Solutions

I freakin' love Yubikeys. I switched to Yubikeys from Google Authenticator about a year ago, and I will never go back. Not only are they great for TOTP 2FA, but they do so much more! In this video, I try to cover it all, and probably screw up a few facts but oh well that's not the point. The point is you should be using Yubikeys.


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00:00 Intro
02:18 What are Yubikeys?
02:56 What is 2FA?
04:40 TOTP 2FA and Authenticator apps
06:12 Why you should standardize on hardware security keys
06:47 Why hardware keys are faster than authenticator apps
08:05 Yubikey authentication beyond TOTP
08:30 FIDO authentication
12:07 Yubikey TOTP login example
13:00 Yubico Authenticator overview
13:39 Yubico Authenticator on iPhone example
14:32 Yubikey U2F login examples
16:09 Yubikey WebAuthn login example
16:31 Yubikey Initial Setup
18:00 Adding a TOTP token to Yubikey
19:51 Adding TOTP tokens to multiple Yubikeys
22:51 What if you lose your Yubikey?
25:17 Adding a FIDO U2F token to Yubikey
28:37 Using Yubikey for Windows Login
30:44 Will the Yubikey work for any TOTP 2FA?
31:48 Different Yubikeys available

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