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'You look funny.. are you still daddy??'

Tyler Behle

My wife wasn't the biggest fan of the beard but was a good sport about me keeping it... but for her birthday, I decided to shave it. I had the best helper doing it!! Cutest Dad & Daughter Videos EVER. Funny Babies Confused by Twin Daddy Compilation - Cute Daddy and Baby Moments. When your dad is a twin... Why Not to LAUGH at this Funniest Kids Videos? - Best Funny Babies Ever! Funny Daddy Makes Baby Laugh - Cute Baby Videos. If You Laugh, You Lose - Best Funny Kid Fails Compilation January 2018 ! Best Funny Kid Videos ! Wake Up Daddy - Cute Baby And Daddy Funny Moments Compilation. When A Couple Took In This Pregnant Dog, They Never Expected Her Pups To Look Like They Did. You'll MELT FROM CUTENESS and LAUGH FROM FUNNINESS - Best BABY ANIMAL videos. Funny Baby Arguing With Daddy Compilation - Cute babies and daddies moments.

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