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'You look funny.. are you still daddy??'

Tyler Behle

My wife wasn't the biggest fan of the beard but was a good sport about me keeping it... but for her birthday, I decided to shave it. I had the best helper doing it!! I DO NOT have a girlfriend mum!!! Instagram @noel_hopkins. Tiny Tot Scolds Parents. Amazing Video - 2 year old hears for the first time during Cochlear Implant activation Unedited. Baby's Adorable Reaction to Mom's New Hair. Buzz and the Dandelions. HILARIOUS GRANDPA SINGS TO BABY. A Mom Was Filming As Her Baby Fell Asleep – And Caught The Moment Their Puppy Approached. TALKING TEDDY BEAR PRANK GONE WRONG!! When It's Just The Dudes At Home. Kids Are Savage! | Funniest Kid Compilation.

by Tyler Behle