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易筋經 · Yi Jin Jing (Muscle Tendon Change Classic) Qi Gong

Shaolin Temple Europe 歐洲少林寺

Complete Routine of Shaolin Yi Jin Jing 易筋經 performed by Shi Heng Yi 释恒義 and students in June 2017 at the Shaolin Temple Europe 歐洲少林寺 located in Otterberg / Kaiserslautern in Germany.

Shaolin Yi Jin Jing can be translated as Muscle & Tendon Change / Transformation Excercises.

It consists of 12 excercises aiming in the development of strong and flexible muscles and tendons:

Yi Jin Jing Posture Names:

Opening · 00:00
1) Wei Tuo Presenting The Pestle (Front) · 01:00
2) Wei Tuo Presenting The Pestle (Side) · 01:50
3) Wei Tuo Presenting The Pestle (Top) · 02:30

4) Plucking Stars On Each Side · 03:30
5) Pulling 9 Cows By Their Tails · 05:00
6) Showing Claws and Spreading Wings · 07:10

7) 9 Ghosts Drawing Sabers · 08:15
8) Placing 3 Plates On The Floor · 10:15
9) Black Dragon Displays Its Claws · 11:00

10) Tiger Jumping On Its Prey · 12:35
11) Bowing Down In Salutation · 13:50
12) Swinging The Tail · 15:00
Closing · 16:20

It belongs to the classic repertoire of Qi Gong exercises in the Shaolin Arts around the globe. Together with the 8 brocades (Ba Duan Jin) and the meditative circular movements (Chan Yuan Gong) it gives a strong foundation to complete all martial exercises.

Every year there are several retreats that are taking place in the Shaolin Temple Europe 歐洲少林寺, the monastery where I am living.

A retreat can either be a 3day Retreat (Friday Sunday) or a 6day Retreat (Monday Saturday). Every retreat is held under a specific topic, such as: Gong Fu, Qi Gong (e.g. Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, 13 Luohan), Meditation retreats and Rou Quan retreats.

If you are interested in joining any of these retreats, please take a look at all dates that are published on the website of the monastery:

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More videos and Online Trainings are available on:
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There's a final point for all of these practices:

Increase your life quality: Get less sick, Regenerate faster, Improve your vitality, Increase your health! Better sleep, less anxiety, more joy!

Enjoy your training!
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