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Worst 5 Vice Presidents in American History

Mr. Beat

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Mr. Beat counts down his five least favorite Vice Presidents in American history. #vicepresident #ushistory #veep

Here are my favorite five Vice Presidents in American history:

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Almost exactly two years ago, I released a video about the top five Vice Presidents in history, and holy crap since then 147,646 people have watched it.

Anyway, since that video did surprisingly well, now it’s time to be negative.

So here are the WORST five Vice Presidents in American History, in my opinion. And, similar to my top five Vice Presidents video, I am judging them based on their actions over their entire adult lives, not just during their time as Veep. Also, Vice Presidents who later became President are exempt from this list, and that Mike Pence dude who is currently the Vice President is also exempt.

Creative commons credits:
Tony Webster

#5 Dan Quayle

Additional reading:

#4 John C. Breckinridge

Additional reading:

#3 Spiro Agnew

Additional reading:

#2 Aaron Burr

Additional reading:
American Emperor: Aaron Burr's Challenge to Jefferson's America by David O. Stewart

#1 Dick Cheney

In My Time by Dick Cheney
Cheney: The Untold Story of America’s Most Powerful and Controversial Vice President by Stephen F. Hayes

Additional sources referenced:

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