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Worst 10 American Governors

Mr. Beat

Here are the 10 worst governors in American history, according to Mr. Beat.
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My (DIS)Honorable mentions:
Ray Blanton
Fob James
Richard Leche
David Butler
William Harding
Evan Mecham
Don Siegelman
John B. Weller
Lester Maddox
Rod Blagojevich

Music by Joyce Foundation and Tabby Cat. Produced by Matt Beat. All images found in the public domain, used under fair use guidelines, or original content from Matt Beat.

Connor Higgins' video about George Wallace:'>

Brown v. Board of Education:

Worcester v. Georgia:

Photo credits:
Patrick Emerson
Michael Vadon
Chicago History Museum


Edwin Edwards

Joel Aldrich Matteson

Peter Hardeman Burnett

Lilburn Boggs

George Wallace
Connor’s video:'>

Orval Faubus

Len Small

Wilson Lumpkin

Brigham Young

#10 Edwin Edwards
Governor of Louisiana from 1972 to 1980, 1984 to 1988, and 1992 to 1996, serving 16 years total in office, or 5,784 days, the sixthlongest amount of time in office for any governor since the Constitution.

Widely considered one of the most corrupt governors in American history, he actually got caught for racketeering, extortion, money laundering, mail fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy. He went to federal prison for eight years. He was unapologetic about receiving illegal campaign donations. He was accused of obstruction of justice and bribery. The only reason why Edwards is not higher up on my list is because is dedication to civil rights and protecting minorities and the poor.

#9 Joel Aldrich Matteson
Oh Louisiana and Illinois. You both have a long history of electing corrupt and just, plain horrible governors. And Matteson is one of them. Governor of Illinois from 1853 to 1857, he actually had a few accomplishments during his term. This was when Illinois began public education, and Matteson oversaw a strong economy and the reduction of the state’s debt. However, after he got out of office people started to find out about his shadiness.

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