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Working with an Untouched Yearling | Catching Haltering and Teaching to Lead

Colton Woods Horsemanship

In this video Colton works with an unhandled yearling filly. He walks you through his decisions and the moment to moment happenings of why he does certain things to help achieve the goal of getting this filly caught, haltered and start the process of her ground work and teaching her to lead. This video is unique as it is a cross between Colton needing to get the job done and also providing educational value to all watchers.
It was crucial to help this filly acquire these skills as soon as possible so that she can be integrated into our barn routine and our herd of horses. Certainly if we had separate pens, we could work with this young filly in shorter sessions, more frequently however due to how this facility was designed, that luxury was not afforded. Fortunately though this young filly was very good minded and did a fantastic job during her first day of class!

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