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Wood Gear Planetary Drive

Ronald Walters

Hand cut wood gear planetary drive. There are three separate planetary drives stacked on top of each other consisting of seventeen gears total. Input motor speed is 80 RPM driving the input ring gear of the first planetary 20 RPM. First planetary output speed 14.28 RPM. Second planetary output speed 10.2 RPM. Third (final) planetary output speed 7.29 RPM. Planetary drives can be operated in several different ways. Driving the ring gear, driving the planets or driving the sun gear, each while freezing one of the other groups resulting in speed reduction, directional reverse or increased speed.

The main purpose of this planetary was to see if I could make it with hand cut gears and how smoothly it would operate. Eventually it will be used to drive a marble machine. Secondly, it was constructed as a visual aid of a planetary drive system.

The wood gears themselves are fairly quiet. It is the induction motor gearbox that is loading up and making most of the noise you hear in this video.

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