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I Made Minecraft but with Realistic Physics


Minecraft is pretty cool, but I've always found the physics to be a little lacking. So I recreated the entire game in Unity, so I could add realistic physics. Blocks fall realistically, mobs are floppy, and everything is a ragdoll.

play the game here: https://stevensstuff.itch.io/floppym...

//longer description
So yeah, I remade nearly all of Minecraft using the Unity game engine just so I could add physics. There's infinite procedurally generated voxel based terrain complete with caves, ores, and trees, just like in Minecraft. And this is all done by generating meshes and using chunks and all that good stuff. Except there's a twist. Because this time, the physics are realistic and if you break a tree or something, it'll fall. Every block is destructible and will interact with the physics system. Also, the player and mobs are all ragdolls, which allows everything to be realistic and physics based. Need to break a block? Just hit it with your pickaxe. Need to build a house? Just throw a few blocks on the ground. Zombies annoying you? Just take a few whacks with your sword. It's great.

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posted by Waschsee11