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Wire Rope Splice

Gerald Beranek

Splicing wire rope. First a half inch choker is spliced and pressed together using ferrules. Second a one and an eighth steel cable is eye spliced by hand. The fellow in the video can do a splice in about 6 minutes, but this one took a little longer due to pauses for camera angles and such. Wire eye splice. 6 strand wire eye splice. Flemish Eye splice. Captain Wild splicing eyes. 9.3 Splicing steel wire to double braided rope. How To Splice Rope - How To Do A Long Splice. 3 AMAZING HOME MADE INVENTIONS YOU NEED TO SEE 2019. Seilspleiss Stöckalp Melchsee-Frutt / Splice of the new hauling rope Melchsee-Frutt. 'Easy To Follow' - How To Tie An Eye Splice In 3 Strand Rope. How Do They Braid Rope? Pedders Coil Springs.flv. Fabricating a 4-Part Chain Sling -- Halo, LLC. EYE SPLICE 4 STRAND OJO DE EMPALME 4 CABOS.

posted by sprekkutfw