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Why To Get An English Springer Spaniel

Life The Basic Manual

In this delightful short film, Jackie shares her experience of getting an English Springer Spaniel puppy, and how Dolly the dog has changed her life. She discusses the temperament of this breed, and tells us why to get an English Springer Spaniel.

When Jackie first contemplated owning a dog, she asked her friends for recommendations for breeds, and did some online research. Her criteria was for a breed that had a reputation for being good companions, intelligent, and energetic.

When Dolly first arrived, Jackie felt a bit overwhelmed. Puppyhood can be a testing time, especially for the first time owner. She found that taking Dolly to puppy socialisation classes, and then some gun dog training classes, was a huge help. English Springer Spaniels are intelligent dogs that like to feel busy and useful. Learning how to train Dolly to respond to whistle commands was fun, and made their walks together safer and more collaborative. Jackie has recorded some other videos for Life The Basic Manual on how to achieve this, please check out this link for more

Dolly is happy with two walks a day, and loves being in human company. She’s not that interested in other dogs when walking, reducing the need to control encounters with strange dogs. She enjoys following a scent, and picking up an attractive stick. Her coat is relatively easy to groom and care for, and she doesn’t moult heavily. Jackie made sure that Dolly got used to young children early in her life, and Dolly very patient with kids, although Jackie makes sure she always supervises contact.

The most important qualities that Dolly brings to Jackie’s home is that she is loving, loyal and affectionate. Jackie and her husband have had many hours of fun and laughter in her company, and they are fitter and happier for owning an English Springer Spaniel.

This delightful, goodtempered, smart and peopleorientated breed can bring delight to any owner who is prepared to put the necessary time and effort into training and caring for them.

So why should you get an English Springer Spaniel? Because they are a wonderful breed that can add a note of real joy into your life.



posted by hornantas2x