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Why Suspension Seatposts Are The ULTIMATE Comfort Upgrade!


Here is my completely overthetop resource outlining the best suspension seatposts.

The Bikepacking Bike Buyer's Guide:
The Touring Bicycle Buyer's Guide:

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BEST Spring Suspension Seatposts (affiliate links send me a small commission for my work):
Kinekt Spring Post 25.4, 27.2, 30.9, 31.6mm
Kinekt Carbon Lightweight Post 27.2mm
Redshift Shockstop 27.2mm (shims available)
By.schulz G.2
Cheap SR Suntour NCX 27.2mm
Cheap SR Suntour NCX 30.9mm
Cheap SR Suntour NCX 31.6mm

BEST Elastomer Suspension Seatposts (affiliate links send me a small commission for my work):
Cane Creek 50mm Thudbuster 27.2mm
Cane Creek 50mm Thudbuster 30.9mm
Cane Creek 50mm Thudbuster 31.6mm
Cane Creek 90mm Travel 27.2mm
Cane Creek 90mm Travel 30.9mm
Cane Creek 90mm Travel 31.6mm
Cane Creek 20mm eeSilk (what I currently use)

BEST Dropper Suspension Seatpost (affiliate links send me a small commission for my work):
PNW Coast 30.9, 31.6mm

Microbac seatpost lab test:
University of Exeter cycling vibration study:
GravelBikes' field vibration tests:

‍♂ CYCLINGABOUT (endless bike travel info!):

0:00 Intro
0:49 6 Reasons To Use Suspension Seatposts
2:30 4 Reasons To NOT Use Suspension Seatposts
3:14 Damping & Deflection
3:57 Dangers of High Vibration Exposure
4:53 The Three Different Seatpost Damping Systems
6:29 The Two Different Seatpost Designs
7:17 Seatpost Field Testing Data
8:21 How To Choose The Suspension Travel
9:07 Best Spring Seatposts
11:09 Best Elastomer Seatposts
11:51 Best Dropper Suspension Seatposts
12:38 Summary

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