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Why pH Is Important In Beer Brewing u0026 How To Measure It

Brew Dudes

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This week, the awesome people at Hanna Instruments let us try out a great pH Meter to help us discuss beer and pH relationships.

We address some questions about pH. Specifically, we've been asked "Why is pH important and when or where would I measure it?"

We talk mostly about mash pH in this video and, as a lab based scientist, Mike discusses the importance of using a pH meter if you really want to accurately manage the pH of your mash. There is no other way without a good meter.

We don't necessarily advocate for measuring pH in places like: preboil, postboil or postferment. If you focus on good mash pH, then the rest of the steps should naturally work themselves out. You can always experiment with adding acid in finished beer if you think it needs to be brightened up.

Post your further questions about making pH measurements in the comments section.

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