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Why George Washington Is Still My Favorite President

Mr. Beat

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Mr. Beat tells the story of the greatest President in American history, George Washington.

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Not only is George Washington single handedly the most important person to the founding of the United States, I’d argue he’s the most important person in American history.

After the American Revolution, he easily could have been a king since Americans loved him so much. The world had known pretty nothing but kings throughout most of human history. But nope, George turned it down. He had no ambitions to be a king.

Washington was an undeniably outstanding leader. Sure, big reasons why included his charisma and command for attention, as well as his virtue, dignity, and open mindedness. But his greatest strength was that he was a Uniter. He was the glue that kept the factions together in the early years of the Republic, and the perfect person for the job of guiding the new country as it attempted to figure out how to move forward.

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