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Why does Microsoft even bother with Edge?


Edge's market share is below 2% globally. Why does Microsoft still keep developing it? (The Story Behind Ep. 29).



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Camera: Panasonic Lumix GH5
Camera Lens: Panasonic Lumix 12-35mm
Microphone: Zoom H1
Tripod: Manfrotto MVH500AH
LED lights (wide): Aputure Amaran 528W
LED lights (spot): Aputure Amaran 528S

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Music: Majestic Casual - Kenny Segal - Procrastination: How KaiOS Is Becoming the 3rd Major Mobile OS. Microsoft Edge as Fast as Possible. 20 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories! Why Huawei loves advertising with celebrities. What’s wrong with the iPhone XR. EDSAC Simulator - Computerphile. OS 'Upgrades' on the Gateway Profile. Microsoft Surface Book 2 15-inch Review - GTX 1060! | The Tech Chap. Microsoft Launcher gets Cortana integration. Is Economic GROWTH Compatible with the ENVIRONMENT?- VisualPolitik EN.

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