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Why Daenerys Loves Jon Snow

Charisma on Command

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Why Daenerys Loves Jon Snow

Why does Daenerys Targaryen fall for Jon Snow? I mean he’s a powerful handsome guy, but Daenerys has had plenty of offers from powerful handsome men, like Jorah and Daario, and none truly interested her. Something is different about Jon Snow though. The show gives us some clues that actually can teach you a lot about attraction and love in the real world, which is why I wanted to explore exactly what it was that created that spark of love - because you also you might learn something for your own life.

3:00 Jon Snow by Kit Harrington showed confidence to Khaleesi by Emilia Clarke
6:30 Jon Snow of House Stark can be honest to Daenerys Targaryen
9:30 Winter is here and in Game of Thrones GOT everyone can count on Jon Snow

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