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Why Chipmunk Wally Lets Me Pat Her With Empty Hands

ChooChoos Story

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[첫만남월리편] 호숫가에서 처음 만난 다람쥐 월리와 친구가 되어가는 과정
How I Met Chipmunk Wally For The First Time And Becoming Friends

젤리같은 다람쥐 손 만지니 두 손 다 내주는 다람쥐 월리
Holding Chipmunk Wally’s Hands Is Like Touching Soft Jelly

다람쥐 월리 손잡고 내 손가락도 핥아달라고 부탁했더니
Holding Chipmunk Wally’s Hand, Asking Her To Lick My Finger

땅콩을 집앞에 배달했더니 쬐그만 다람쥐 혀 보여주는 월리
Peanut Delivery To House Of Chipmunk Wally

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