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Who is George Soros?

Mr. Beat

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For years, I was biased against George Soros. After exhaustive research for this video, I am now just indifferent about him. Here is everything you should know about one of the world's most hated men, George Soros.

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George Soros is one of the most hated men on the planet. In this video, Mr. Beat explores why.
Overall, there are plenty of billionaires who influence elections and political movements around the world, but Soros doesn’t hide it that much. In fact, he’s very outspoken.
So yeah, basically George Soros is just another billionaire trying to pull the puppet strings, but let’s be honest here. Most of the time he comes up short. Most billionaires who try to solve all the world’s problems struggle because it’s not easy. There are always unintended consequences. And Soros has struggled to make himself look good. It’s ironic he says he’s always just tried to make the world a better place, and even wrote books to try to explain how his intentions are always pure. But despite all that, today millions think he’s the devil himself. Just ask my aunt.

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