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Who Am I? Game from 3-D Dinosaur Adventure MS-DOS/Packard Bell Version


This was requested by LKGMedia back in april lol. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. Believe it or not this game is called The Who Am I? game. This is a fun game from 3-D Dinosaur Adventure and the video was done in joint with Name-A-Saurus.

Well anyways this is the version of 3-D Dinosaur Adventure That came with my Uncles Packard Bell Windows For Workgroups 3.11/MS-DOS 6.2 386 Processor computer he bought in 1995, little less than 2 months before the release of Windows 95! I started playing these games the day before Christmas Vacation 1997 and well i wasn't able to play them for these past couple of years but now i got them working Great Inside DOSBox.

Who Am I? game is a 2 round game where you have to see a zoomed in picture and then have to guess which of the 8 Dinosaurs It is. Also i plan on Doing a video on what the Dinosaurs Say when you click on them and its wrong =]. When your done with the 2 rounds you get a surprise cartoon!!!

The music from this activity has been used in a hand full of Other Knowledge Adventure games! it was used in What do I Eat? From Undersea Adventure and Jumpstart 2nd Grade(1996 and 1999 Remake edition) in the fishbowl game. The part of this music Hamliton Allstatt borrowed....Yes one part of the of a song i played in band back in 7th grade and in a John Wayne Movie about him in love with a Russian Spy(Can't Remmeber the name of it) Hamliton did a great job with that part thou because Knowledge Adventure never recived a law suit and he changed it enough so it was never caught. Either way it was a great piece of music!

Anyways Enjoy!any requests from 3-D Body Adventure, Kids Zoo A Baby Animal Adventure, 3-D Dinosaur Adventure, Speed, Space Adventure, and Undersea Adventure remember message or comment me and i'll put you in the list.

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Who Am I? Game- 3-D Dinosaur Adventure(Finished)
3-D Dinosaur Adventure Tour the full Park(YES SOMEONE FINNALY REQUESTED IT!!!!))
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There are many more but i am putting these two here now so i don't forget it!!(LOL)
sponge, crab and starfish music from Undersea Adventure

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3-D Dinosaur Adventure
Original MS-DOS Version
Knowledge Adventure 1994

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