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Mad Max Cover Girl Commercial - Your Guide To The Top Picks

Funny Or Die

Every woman dreams to have long thick eye-lashes, but unfortunately far not all of them can boast of having them. But for those who don't give up there is a nice solution - a good mascara. The best mascara for you may be different than the best mascara for your friend or sister, but luckily, the cosmetics industry has become very high tech in their research and development. Commercials assure us that a good mascara can make our glance really impressive and tempting, but how should we distinguish good cosmetics from bad ones? Or maybe all mascaras are good, but we just don't know how to use them? This girl knows the answer for sure. So ladies, take your notebooks and start making notes on how to make your eye-lashes really jaw-dropping - here she is!

posted by staglieloo2