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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? 15 Unusual VEHICLES That Gave Us High Hopes!

Minds Eye Design

Every now and then we think back on the things we've talked about before. keeping with that we decided to hit the archives and see how a few of our favorites were doing these days.
Where are they now? 15 unusual vehicles that gave us high hopes!

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Featured Unusual Vehicles ⭐
#15 Innespace Seabreacher
#14 Twike
#13 The Wheelsurf
#12 Drymer
#11 Suzuki Pixy
#10 DTV Shredder
#9 MXB Shocker R
#8 Leaux Racing Trike
#7 Chariot Skates
#6 Rinspeed Oasis
#5 Toyota i-unit
#4 nCycle
#3 Segway Centaur
#2 U-Boat Worx Cruise Sub
#1 Ryno

Licensed Music 🎧
Broken Radios by Binary Love
(Voiceover) by Reacher 🗣

Where are they now?
15 unusual vehicles that gave us high hopes!
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