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When he found out who the dog’s previous owner was he could not return the dog to the shelter


In 2008 a man named Ricky had just moved to a new city. He knew nobody in the city and he felt very lonely in his new place, so he decided that it would be nice to have a pet. He was looking through local newspapers and saw an announcement of a shelter where he could take a pet. He found an address and went there. There were several dogs, but he chose a black Labrador. His name was Ray as they told him. The man was happy and took the dog home. At first, everything went wrong. It seemed that the new owner could not get on well with the dog. Ricky says:
“I was told that the black Labrador’s name was Ray and warned that maybe he would need some time to get used to his new home. I decided to wait for two weeks to see if the dog’s behavior would change. It may have been difficult for him to get used to the new place, so I need to be patient with him. When they gave me Ray, they also gave me his couch, toys and a letter from his previous owner. They also told me that the dog is well trained and follows commands. I expected that in a couple of days, we would become good friends, but it did not work out that way. Ray did not follow any commands and he did not even seem to know his name. It just could not go on. He chewed on my shoes and some empty boxes. Perhaps I was strict enough with him, and he got offended. I was about to call to the shelter to return the dog. When I was looking for the number of the shelter, I came across a letter from his previous owner. I hoped that there might be some useful tips on how to get on well with the dog. And I decided to read the letter. A surprise was waiting for me.


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