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When a Chameleon trusts you :)

Taylor Shawn

If you chameleon correctly, this is the kind of bond you can have with your little fellas.

These guides were invaluable in learning how to Chameleon, as Teemo was my first little guy and I had no idea what I was doing at first lol. The BIGGEST issues I was having was humidity control, and spending $15 a week on crickets (not including gas and time to go get them) was about to be a deal breaker. Fortunately, a friend pointed me in the direction of a breeding guide. HOLY MOLY did it save me a load of money, and time. Basically, 5 minute of maintenance a month and you have unlimited crickets!

https://tinyurl.com/y6v5n5jm Chameleon Guide
http://tinyurl.com/yca27e9p Cricket Breeding Guide

Edit: 10/4/2017 This video blew up. I figured I might as well give yall a little background here.

I rescued this little guy from a friend who was in dire need of some cash back in 2014. He shipped him from Virginia to Kansas (Where I'm at). He was 4 months old and still a tiny little thing back then. He was my first Chameleon, and boy was I in for a treat / second job. I named him Teemo, after one of my favorite characters in League of Legends (also because he can be invisible like the character, and drops little turd shrooms like the character haha). I took this video and meant to send it through text to my friend, but it was too big! So I uploaded it to Youtube and forgot about it for two years. All of a sudden, YOU GUYS FOUND ME. And, Yall have spent 2.93 years // 1070 days // 25,673 Hours // 1,540,405 minutes watching this video xD

Some FAQ:

Q: How did you tame this guy?
A: Uhh, I really didn't know anything about them, so after searching around on google for a while, I found a guide (linked above) which literally covered everything. I bonded emotionally with him. I let him have lots of freedom. etc. Just check out the guide if you currently own one or are set on getting one.

Q: Why no more chameleon videos?
A: Well, after a 4 month battle with an eye infection, Teemo passed away. $1400 vet visits later I was giving him a daily shot in his leg muscle for it, but it never got better. This was one of the worst days of my life.

Q: Why haven't you gotten another one?
A: Well, I literally have a giant tattoo of Teemo on my chest to immortalize the ridiculously cool experience I had with this animal. Chameleons just aren't supposed to act like he did, and I didn't necessarily want to try again and be disappointed, and then not give the animal the love and affection I gave Teemo. Also, my job is killing me. Someone hire me. LOL

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