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What Your Photos on Social Media Say About You


What do our photos on our accounts say about us? What hidden complexes or secret desires, which sometimes even we don’t realize, do they tell the world? Let's analyzes the most common types of photos on social networks. By the way, I find what travel photos say about us very intriguing...

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Selfies 0:28
Sexy selfies 0:55
Couple photos 1:20
Group photos 1:49
Kids 2:11
Animals 2:41
Nature 3:12
Glamour looks 3:34
Photos with luxury goods 3:52
Photos of food 4:08
Extreme photos 4:32
Your funny photos 5:02
Photos in your office 5:17
Objects and layouts 5:38
Travel photos 5:50
Photos without filters and Photoshop 6:23

- The abundance of selfies in one’s account reveals the extreme need for the recognition and approval of others, self-centeredness, vanity, and a penchant for narcissism.
- The duck face or an attractively emphasized outline of the body. Posting these photos, women literally tell the world: “I’m a liberated, ready-to-experiment woman.”
- The couple photos is a demonstration of your relationship and of the fact that you perceive it as strong and long term.
- Are the majority of the pictures in your account photos of parties? Then it means you’re trying to show the world how much fun you’re having with your friends.
- If a man puts a wild wolf or a graceful cheetah as his profile picture, he wants to appear bold and strong, and in reality, he’s not.
- The abundance of glamour photos in your account reveals a need for narcissistic support and emotional "strokes" in the form of likes and comments.
- Posting photos with the background of yachts or expensive cars is a way to tell the world about your success (often imaginary or desired).
- A photo of exquisite food from an expensive restaurant is an attempt at self-affirmation and social self-promotion.
- Parachute jumps and conquering mountain peaks is about showing the world truly masculine qualities: courage, strength, reliability, and endurance.
- Apparently, the account’s owner is self-confident and self-ironic because to post a "twisted" photo of yourself, especially if you’re a woman, takes courage.
- For some people, photos from a trip indicate a desire to emphasize their social status (or aspiration for it).
- Photos without filters and Photoshop say that these people perceive themselves as they are.

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