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What to know BEFORE buying an Airstream - SOLAR u0026 LITHIUM!


What is wrong with Airstreams? Are they built for boondocking? Do they have solar?.. All of these are questions we wish we knew before buying our 22fb Bambi

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Airstreams are classic! The silver can on wheels draws eyes wherever it goes. Everyone who sees one dreams of romantic campsites away from everyone else with a fire in the evening and a delicious coffee in the morning. We had the same dreams. Unfortunately, we quickly realized that a stock Airstream has several short comings, the biggest issue being power. That's why we upgraded our batteries to Battleborn Batteries, installed an Victron 3000 watt inverter, and installed 200 watts of renogy solar panels.

In this video we share all the shortcomings of "stock" airstreams.

Thanks for watching! You guys rock :) Scott & Collette

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0:00 Intro
0:43 What to know before buying an Airstream
1:10 Shortcomings
2:06 What is an inverter
4:09 Our Upgrades
5:51 Victron App
6:54 Running AC

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