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What It's Like Owning a German Shepherd

Corey Olson

Wondering what it's like owning a german shepherd? My wife and I got a german shepherd nearly two years ago. This is a collection of funny / interesting moments over that time. They are great family pets, with lots of zoomies. Very funny dogs. GSD's make for great hiking companions.

0:00 German Shepherd Puppy Footage
0:28 GSD Training Fail
0:47 GSD Water Dog
2:04 GSD Carrying Big Stick
2:17 GSD Eating an Apple
4:15 GSD Hiking in Forest
5:25 GSD Walking in Field
5:50 GSD Meets Cows
7:17 GSD Protects Owners from Cows
7:39 She's a Vegetable Dog
9:03 GSD Jumps in Lake
9:41 What's wrong with your dog?
10:25 GSD Afraid of Colored Patterns
12:45 Is your dog going to make it?
14:58 Dog Stuck in a Hole
16:49 My Dog is an Ecological Disaster
20:25 GSD With Baby

This compilation was impromptu recorded over 2 years. We don't get to hike as much with a baby now, but this footage gives insight into what owning a german shepherd is like. I taught Myszka tons of tricks in the first few weeks: sit, laydown, nose on the ground, roll over, spin, jump, bang along with many other things like patrol the house, find toys, close doors, go on the couch, get off the cough, kiss my hand, give me paw, stay, wait, be gentle (while grabbing an object), speak, and search for somebody, etc. Most of tricks were learned within a few weeks. These dogs require an incredible amount of work daily, it never ends. Seriously. Prepare yourself for a very active dog.

Highly encourage anyone considering a GSD to take an entire MONTH off when first getting the dog, to properly expose the dog to the world (e.g., random people, new places.) It seems months 35 are very critical for forming their habits, behavior and views of other dogs / people outside your family.

posted by Braganzamm