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What is Random?


There's more over on Veritasium! "What is NOT Random?":

My twitter:
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Generate random numbers using atmospheric noise:


flipping a coin until 10 heads happen in a row:

rolling dice until you get a Yahtzee:

find word in YouTube video URLs with this in Google: allinurl:[your word here]

"Random" as slang:

The many sides of dice:

non-transitive dice:

Checking the fairness of dice:'s_How_I_Roll_-_A_Scientific_Analysis_of_Dice

A fancy super-fair die:

coin-flipping odds:

a nickel landing on it's side:

a book that will keep you guessing:

17 'feels' random:

How to be random (er.. wandom):

Bell's inequality:'s_theorem

Bell's inequality videos:

You can't even handle how wandom and quirky I am:

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