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What Is Beyond The Edge?

History of the Universe

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Researched and Written by Leila Battison
Narrated and Edited by David Kelly
Animations by Jero Squartini
Incredible thumbnail art by Ettore Mazza, the GOAT:

Huge thanks to Antonio Padilla for inspiring the section on TREE(3) his book is wonderful, I have already read it twice:

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Music from Epidemic Sound and Artlist
Stock footage from Videoblocks and Artgrid
Galaxies, space videos from NASA, ESO


Image Credits:

Observable Universe By Andrew Z. Colvin Own work, CC BYSA 3.0,

Second Observable Universe by Andrew Z. Colvin, CC BYSA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Galaxies ESO/L. Calçada/Subaru/National Astronomical Observatory of Japan/M. Tanaka

Expanding Universe ESO/L. Calçada

Sean Carroll By Sgerbic Own work, CC BYSA 4.0,

Allen Telescope Array

IBM centre By Simon Greig originally posted to Flickr as IBM Yorktown Heights, CC BY 2.0,

Mandelbrot By Rama Own work, CC BYSA 2.0 fr,

IBM demonstration By Norsk Teknisk Museum, CC BYSA 4.0,

Pythagoras Theorem by Kmhkmh

Romanesque Brocoli By Ivar Leidus Own work, CC BYSA 4.0,

IBM By Marcin Wichary Flickr: IBM 1627 plotter, CC BY 2.0,

00:00 Introduction
06:30 Infinities Within Infinities
13:33 Is It Infinite?
27:23 Living In An Infinite Universe
37:37 Infinities Beyond

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