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What Is A Habitat | Educational Videos for Kids

The Ranger Zak Show

Today we find out, "what is a habitat" and what makes it a good place for a plant or animal to make it a home. What do plants and animals look for when choosing a home, and how do they adapt to live there. Learn all this and more with your friendly neighborhood Park Ranger, Ranger Zak.

Drone videography provided by:

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Artwork Provided By:
Lisa Woods
And Nature Vectors by Vecteezy

Ranger Zak is a real life park ranger who wants to teach your children to get excited about nature. Each Monday we release a new nature education themed episode, and encourage your kids to get outside an explore the topic they learned about. We partner with homeschool groups, to ensure our educational material is meeting the needs of your children.

Our lessons are enjoyed by Pre K to 3rd grade students. We make learning fun through music, fun facts, nature journaling, observation, and arts and crafts.

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