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What is a Guardian Home - 3 week old English Springer Spaniel

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Our litter is now 3 weeks of age at the time of filming. They're starting to open their eyes and beginning to eat softened food.

We also have many asking what a Guardian Home is: A Guardian home is a home that one of our puppies/dogs goes to their forever home to live. They come back to us to be bred and then when the puppies are ready to be born. They are raised in our home. At that time they go back home to their family. It is a win win win for everyone involved. It's fantastic for the dog because they get that 1 on 1 care. It's great for us because then we don't have the added care needed throughout the year. It's great for the family because they get a 'cream of the crop' puppy that we feel is one of the best to continue our breeding program, and they get it for free!

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