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What if Mario Odyssey had NEW Custom POWER UPS?

Manx Ninja Pig

Today we find you what would happen if new Power Ups were added to Super Mario Odyssey like the Superman Mushroom , Force Field Mushroom , Minecraft Creeper, Super Hammer (Builder Power Up) , Propeller Mushroom, Dark Cloud Flower, Super Pickaxe This is very similar to my challenge video '100 Mystery Pipes But Only One Lets MARIO Escape (Super Mario Odyssey 100 Pipe Challenge)' I hope you enjoy this funny mario video :)
#SuperMarioOdyssey #Mario #supermario
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0:00 intro / explanation
0:05 Mario vs New Custom Power Ups
27:28 outro

Force Field: biishop
Cloud Mario: @H4v0c21
Creeper: @Amethystszs
​Captain Toad & Propeller Mushroom:​ @ZPL
Super Man: biishop & @Postposterous

posted by kristinawongu0