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What If GOKU was BETRAYED and TRAPPED by BEERUS? | Dragon Ball Super

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What If Beerus BETRAYED and TRAPPED Goku in Whis' Staff... NOT the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.


During the Tournament of Power, Goku showed that when put under extreme pressure he could access the power of the gods. In the anime, this power is pretty much confirmed to exceed the gods themselves don’t worry about the manga scaling for Ultra Instinct Goku since this story will be following the anime continuity. While Beerus was relieved that his universe won the Tournament of Power and even pleased Zeno in the process, he couldn’t help but have a strange feeling. The thought was put to the back of his mind for the moment, until the Saiyan known as Broly arrived on Earth.
Broly was near the level of Beerus himself and a fusion of Goku and Vegeta was more than enough to handle the brute. Now this was getting out of hand. While Beerus could have probably handled Broly on his own, the fused Saiyan was a different issue. It was easy for Beerus to instill fear into Vegeta, but Goku wasn’t as easily manipulated.
Goku went to Zeno’s palace against Beerus’ will, his whole demeanor with Zeno is too friendly and a threat to the Universe. Not only does Beerus fear for his own safety, but he’s also afraid that the Universe he’s in charge of will be lost as well. So as the Broly situation wraps up and Whis returns to Beerus he tells his attendant that they will no longer be so lenient with mortals. Watch the video for the full story!

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