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What happens if you Don't Eat for 44 Days? (Fasting Science)

What Ive Learned

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Fasting can be very beneficial, but excessively long fasts can be dangerous. Check with a professional before you think of fasting for long periods of time.


00:00 The 44 day and 382 day fasts
00:51 What happens when you fast?
1:50 Why there is a needle stuck in my tricep
2:43 Where is the sugar coming from?
3:27 Ketones grow the brain
4:36 So how do you feel on a week of fasting?
5:56 Hunger disappears?
7:00 Benefits from longer fasts?
8:00 How to lose tons of muscle
9:55 DON’T overdo fasting.
11:07 What happened to the guy who fasted for a year?
11:50 How to lose weight and not be hungry
13:56 We should be careful with fasting, but not scared
14:40 Electrolytes.

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