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What Happened When I Left My Maltese Puppy Home Alone **WARNING: EMOTIONAL**

Mimie Jay

Hey guys,

I’ve always wondered what my cute little Maltese puppy named ‘cash’ does when I’m out of the house.

Lately, I’ve had to leave my 8 months old Maltese dog alone in the apartment because I have to go to the office, mall, gym e.t.c and most of these places do not allow pets.

But I’m always worried what he’s up to whenever he’s home alone and several questions have crossed my mind like:

How Long Can I Leave my Dog Alone?
Does Maltese have separation anxiety when alone?
Does Maltese Cry When Left Alone?
Is Maltese a breed of dog that can be left alone at home while at work?

So, I decided to set up 4 cameras around the house to see what goes down when he’s alone.

In this video I'll be showing you guys what Happened When I Left My Maltese Puppy Home Alone

NOTE: From watching this video, I’ve realized that 4 hours is a lot of time and it’s not really good for his anxiety. So, I’ll find a way to reduce the time he spends alone.


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