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What Actually Are Space And Time?

History of the Universe

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If you like this video, check out writer Geraint Lewis´ excellent book, cowritten with Chris Ferrie:
Where Did the Universe Come From? And Other Cosmic Questions: Our Universe, from the Quantum to the Cosmos

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Incredible thumbnail art by Ettore Mazza, the GOAT:

Art created by soso112429, and Joe from History Dose:

Thanks to Alexander Long for speculative fiction suggestions.

Music from Silver Maple, Epidemic Sound and Artlist.

Stock footage from Videoblocks and Artgrid, images of galaxies from NASA and ESO/Hubble.

Image Credits:

Steam engine Tfme, CC BYSA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Caesium Clock By Binarysequence Own work, CC BYSA 3.0,

Arecibo By Mariordo (Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz) Own work, CC BYSA 4.0,

World line By Cyp Own work, CC BYSA 3.0,

Roger Penrose By CironeMusi, Festival della Scienza, CC BYSA 2.0,

Wormhole By MikeRun Own work, using Wurmloch (Wormhole) by MrFreakmanis (CC BYSA 3.0) (, CC BYSA 4.0,

Dirac Plaque By Nightryder84 Own work, CC BYSA 3.0,

Spacetime Cone By SVG version: K. Aainsqatsi at en.wikipedia Original PNG version: Stib at en.wikipedia Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons. (Original text: selfmade), CC BYSA 3.0,

00:00 Introduction
04:59 What Is Space?
14:45 What Is Time?
25:26 New Space
44:16 New Time
1:00:09 Quantum Spacetime

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