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Well trained Chihuahua performing tricks

Sean Zee

Bane, a one year old chihuahua shows what he's got in his bag of tricks. He can sit, lay down, give high fives, shake, switch paws on command to shake with other paw and stay as long as needed before given the command to fetch. He has a keen sense of smell and loves to play hide and seek with his toys. His stamina is second to none, can play for hours without getting tired. Talented Chihuahua Shows Off Tricks - Minnie the Chihuahua. Chihuahua taunts German Shepherd from safety of owner's protection. Meet My Chihuahua | The Life Of Jake. Grumpy Chihuahua Loves His Wobbly Little Brother | The Dodo. Chihuahua shows off impressive arsenal of tricks. Cute Chihuahua Puppy Playing. Cutest Chihuahua Puppies Video Compilation. Little Chihuahua's First Day Home. Chihuahua refuses to share treat with Great Dane. Tiny the angry chihuahua.

posted by stofstormyw