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Welcome to my OG Skin Fortnite Clan (RARE Skins Only)


Welcome to my OG Fortnite Skin Clan (Shoutout Lachlan Discord)
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- Tune in Jan. 12th @ 7PM PST to watch the C&C:R Launch Celebration at
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Incompetech - Can You GUESS How Much I Spent On FORTNITE? 1V1 MY LITTLE BROTHER VS IRL TRASHTALKER WINTER ROYALE WINNER!!! FORTNITE **EXPOSED**. IS THAT A FORTNITE LLAMA?!? BURN IT!!! 10 Year Old Little Brother Wins A Game Of Fortnite While Taking A Shower! (Victory Royale). 🔥POLAR PEAK ICE BALL EVENT! (ICE KING FINAL STAGE!) - Fortnite Battle Royale Live! I Spent the Night in My Own House & Nobody Knew... (24 Hour Challenge). I Had NO IDEA My BEST FRIEND Was On My Minecraft World.. *FUNNY*. Fortnite Dank Meme Edit 7. PUSHING RICEGUM FOR $100,000 *HE WAS PISSED*. TROLLING MY LITTLE SISTER IN FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE!

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