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WeBoost Destination RV Cell Booster - Does It work?


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The WeBoost Destination RV is supposed to be the MOST POWERFUL cell booster on the market.

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One of the biggest problems with Full time rvlife or vanlife is getting internet. Weboost is one of the biggest brands in the market offering cell and wifi boosters. After months of being frustrated with not having service we decided to try the BIGGEST & STRONGEST cell signal booster. The Destination RV is supposed to boost your signal by 65dB. Which is VERY POWERFUL.

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0:00​​​ Intro
0:50​ Current Internet options
1:55​​ Installation of WeBoost
4:51 How WeBoost Works
11:27 Does the Weboost Work?
14:36 After 2 weeks of testing​

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