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We Spent $10000 On iPhone 13 Accessories - What's The Best Tech You Can Get?


New iPhone 13’s are here! We’ve been reviewing MagSafe compatible accessories all year to figure out what are the best products for the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro/Max and iPhone 13 Mini. In this video, we’ll cover the best accessories for screen protectors, wireless chargers, wireless battery packs, battery packs, cases, skins, wallets, normal chargers, multidevice chargers and car mounts.

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What else have we discovered about the iPhone 13?

Cinematic Mode Is Broken:

The iPhone 13 isn’t as strong as the iPhone 12:

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Here are the links (and codes if we have them) for the best products in each category. The majority of the links will redirect you to the nearest Amazon online store :

—Best Screen Protectors For the iPhone 13—
#1 FloLab NanoArmor 2: "MRE10" @ (I think this code still works)
#2 Mous Hybrid Glass: Get a 10% discount (it stacks I think) by using the code "mobilereviewseh822bqz" OR use this link:'>
#3 Shellrus Sapphire X: "MREH10" @

—Best Wireless Chargers For the iPhone 13—
#1 Apple MagSafe Charger (Amazon Link):
#2 Spigen PowerArc ArcField Magnetic Charger (Amazon Link):
#3 Mophie Snap+ Wireless Charger:'>

—Best Wireless Battery Packs For the iPhone 13—
#1 Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini:'>
#2 Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5k Charger (Amazon Link):
#3 Apple MagSafe Battery Pack (Amazon Link):

—Best Battery Packs For the iPhone 13—
#1 Moshi IonGo 5K (Amazon Link):
#2 Anker PowerCore 10000 PD (Amazon Link):

—Best Tough Cases For the iPhone 13—
#1 Mous Limitless 4.0: Get a 10% discount (it stacks I think) by using the code "mobilereviewseh822bqz" OR use this link:'>
#2 Spigen Tough Armor (Amazon Link):

—Most Useful MagSafe Accessory For the iPhone 13—
PopGrip (Amazon Link):

—Best Clear Cases For the iPhone 13—
#1 Casetify Ultra Impact:

—Best Slim Cases For the iPhone 13—
#1 MagBak:'>
#2 Caudabe Sheath (Amazon Link):
#3 Spigen MagArmor (Amazon Link):

—Best Skins For the iPhone 13—
#1 Phantom Skins (Amazon Link):
#2 FishSkyns: https (Amazon Link)://
#3 Toast Skins (Amazon Link):

—Best Magnetic Wallets For the iPhone 13—
#1 PopGrip Wallet (Amazon Link):
#2 MagBak Wallet:
#3 Apple Leather Wallet (Amazon Link):

—Best 20W Chargers For the iPhone 13—
#1 Apple 20W Charger (Amazon Link):
#2 Anker PowerPort 3 Nano (Amazon Link):
#3 MagBak 20W PD:'>

—Best MultiDevice Chargers For the iPhone 13—
#1 Belkin BoostCharge Pro (Amazon Link):
#2 Logitech Powered (Amazon Link):
#3 Nomad Base Station (Amazon Link):

—Best Car Mounts For the iPhone 13—
#1 Spigen OneTap (Amazon Link):
#2 ESR HaloLock (Amazon Link):
#3 iOttie One Touch 2 (Amazon Link):

In this video:

0:00 Intro
1:08 Screen Protectors
3:30 Wireless Chargers
5:01 Wireless Battery Packs
6:08 Battery packs
8:15 Cases
10:44 Skins
11:54 Wallets
13:15 Chargers
15:41 MultiDevice Chargers
17:14 Car Mounts

Have an accessory you want us to review? Let us know in the comment section below!

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