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Gamers on a budget can usually save money by finding good deals on Amazon - but what if you built the CHEAPEST PC you could find?

PARTS LIST (we're not recommending this...):
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
Buy on Amazon:

Cooler: Rosewill 80mm Low Profile
Buy on Amazon:

Motherboard: Acer Veriton M275 G41 mATX
Buy on Amazon:

RAM: Samsung 2GB DDR3 1333MHz (DID NOT WORK)
Buy on Amazon:

Graphics Card: AMD Radeon 5450 (mislabeled)
Buy on Amazon:

Storage: WD 160GB Caviar Blue
Buy on Amazon:

Power Supply: Insignia 520W
Buy on Amazon:

Case: Rosewill SCM-01
Buy on Amazon:

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