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Watch this 92 year old dancer shocking everyone!

Mikko Kemppe

Mikko Kemppe production

Here is a fun project we did here in Helsinki, Finland. Enjoy!

Watch how this Palladium salsa/mambo dance legend shocks everyone in Helsinki with her dance skills ;).

Palladium Nights were started in Helsinki to honor the rich and fascinating history of the Palladium Club, which in the 1950's became a legendary mambo and salsa club that became famous around the world. The idea is to keep the spirit and love of mambo and salsa dancing and music alive. What was started in New York at the Palladium Club in the hearts, minds, and bodies of those musicians and dancers at the time has carried on to make salsa and mambo music and dance now famous around the world. Swing Dancers Ryan Boz and Alexis Garrish win FIRST PLACE US OPEN Young Adult. Glen Miller .... In The Mood. Funny 100 yr old Great-Great Grandma Dancing!! 101 Year-Old Ballroom Dancer. 90 year old Tap Dancer - Bonnie Buchner Audition. Toddler mimics Irish dancer. Mother and son perform epic wedding dance. 100-year-old yoga instructor, ballroom dancer on life well lived. Old ladies hijack street Dance Birmingham New Street. Celina & Filiberto: Mature Couple SEXY Erotic Dance Routine! | America's Got Talent 2018.

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