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Watch SpaceX Launch A Tesla Roadster To Mars On The Falcon Heavy Rocket — And Why It Matters

Tech Insider

SpaceX just launched a Tesla Roadster to Mars on this: SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket. 

This was the Falcon Heavy's maiden flight. It's the launch that everyone's been waiting for. The Falcon Heavy is a monster. 

It has 27 engines, can generate more power than 18 747 jumbo jets, and is the most powerful rocket to fly since NASA's moon rocket, the Saturn V.

Making it the most powerful functioning rocket on Earth. This is one of SpaceX's most difficult launches. Musk even said "Just bear in mind that there is a good chance this monster rocket blows up."

But it didn't!

Even though this was a test launch, Musk took the opportunity to send some payload to space. A Tesla Roadster, which will eventually reach Mars' orbit.

Now, that's a rocket test like we've never seen before. Afterward, SpaceX retrieved each of the 3 boosters for possible reuse. They landed one booster on a drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean and 2 at its landing base in Florida.

Musk has said the Falcon Heavy could usher people to Mars someday in the future. That day now looks closer than ever. And who knows?

Maybe a Roadster will be waiting when they get there.

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