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Wanderlust 🌲 - An Indie/Folk/Pop Playlist | Vol. III


Travel to distant places with another dreamy indie selection! Tracklist & Spotify link below…
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0:00 Novo Amor ‘Haven (from Life Is Strange)’
2:37 sød ven ‘mystery’
5:35 Children of Indigo 'Ripple’
9:19 Hayden Calnin ‘Politicians’
13:23 Cujo Moon 'Water From The Mountain’
17:05 Ocie Elliott 'Wait For You’
20:15 Eauclaire ‘Grow’
25:05 Thomas LaVine ‘Open Sea’
28:03 Callum Pitt ‘Ghost’
32:15 juno roome ‘gardens’
36:05 Hayden Everett ‘Kennecott’
39:32 Christof van der Ven & Jolé ‘Bygone’ /
42:20 Voyageur ft. RØRE ‘All That’s Left (Cinematic)’ /
47:03 Michael Lane ‘Moon & Sun’
51:09 LOKI ‘González’
55:00 Reed Pittman 'Closer Than You Think’
58:17 Jodie Nicholson 'Why Would You (Go)’
1:02:45 Abby Holliday ‘Dreams’
1:07:00 Heath Lancaster 'Little Pictures’
1:11:01 Eli Lev ‘As It Is’
1:14:31 Luca Aprile ‘Carry You’
1:17:25 Zach Wood & Hollan 'Water’ /
1:22:13 Bradley Stroz 'Chapter 16 Verse 4’
1:25:18 Nightengale 'What I Need’
1:28:55 John Ward 'Turn My Eyes To The Sky’
1:34:17 Lemony Rug 'Your Talk’
1:38:22 Pat Tierney 'Golden Lover, Silver Soul’
1:42:14 James Ghareeb 'Take It All Back
1:45:51 The Satellite Station 'Simple Miracles’
1:49:15 Arvid Lizell 'Ocean’
1:53:02 Matt Sayers 'Wild Dreams’
1:56:41 Ed Black 'Release’
2:00:25 Andrew Word 'You Are The Light’
2:04:54 The Hollow Men 'Coming Down’
2:08:45 CHPTRS 'At Dawn’
2:13:22 This New Light 'End Of The Line’

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