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Walter LOVES His Wife: Jeff Dunham

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What's happening in Jeff Dunham Unhinged in Hollywood?
Jeff Dunham is BACK with another comedy special! Bringin you all your favorite puppets once more! We learn all the more about how Walter REALLY doesn't like his wife and get his HONEST opinions on the government! Filmed in the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, it even features a performance from the country superstar Brad Paisley! But don't worry, we won't tell Brad you're really there for Walter and Bubba J!

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What's happening in Jeff Dunham Very Special Christmas Special?
Jeff Dunham is back with a Christmas Special! He invites Walter, Peanut, Bubba J, José Jalapeño, and Achmed the Dead Terrorist to celebrate with him! The only issue? His suitcase gang doesn't quite share the same festive spirit as him! We get to see what Walter thinks of Christmas, more horror stories of his wife, Achmed gets his impersonation skills on and may or may not lose an arm!

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