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Violin Timelapse: Age 4 to 22


Hey, I made this video for fun and for my own personal reference to see how I was taught and how it worked or didn't work for me. Comments are disabled because of too many people writing in with unsolicited views on my playing, appearance, and speed of progression, as well as flat out mean comments on other commenters. Here's some things you should know about the violin:

- There isn't one right way to learn. Trust me. I'm a violin pedagogy student. Check out Paul Rolland and Mimi Zweig for some ideas. I probably wouldn't teach a student the same way I was taught in the beginning.
- Starting the violin earlier doesn't give you much of a head start unless you're a prodigy. I don't know if you've noticed, but a 10 year old can learn something new faster than a 4 year old can. The concertmaster of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra started violin when he was 12.
- Most kids can't bow straight or play perfectly in tune. It's hard. Especially in a group concert or other performance scenarios when you're distracted by everything else going on and not watching your bow.
- The piece does not dictate the level, and you're never too old to be working on something. I got a comment recently that I'm "too old" to be playing the Barber violin concerto, which is ridiculous. Yeah it might not be the most technically challenging thing I've ever played, but that doesn't mean I didn't have things to learn from it. Plus, I picked it because that piece is beautiful.
- I strongly believe in playing the violin for fun. I play the violin because it's fun. I have never at any time aspired to be a soloist or even a member of an elite orchestra. What I love about violin is the feeling of community, of music with friends, or playing a beautiful sonata or concerto, and I guarantee you I will not be playing it 100% in tune, because I'm not perfect. Growing up, violin group class was the highlight of my week and I aspire to pass that on to my students. I'm studying pedagogy so that I can do my very best to give my students a solid foundation with the most natural and comfortable violin position possible (studying Paul Rolland). If I ever have a student and I know that I am not the best teacher for them to achieve their goals, I will send them to a different teacher.
- You can start violin at any age. For real. Go for it.

If you really really want to know what piece happened at a particular time, ask me on tumblr.


My violin progress video from beginning through my undergraduate degree at Miami University!

A lot of people have asked about this so if you see changes in my playing, I switched teachers at:
- age 5 (I had several different teachers at the beginning who I don't remember)
- age 10
- age 15 (started my first real concerto - Wieniawski) (Around this time is also the summer when I tried to practice 3 hours a day)
- age 16 (joined the Peraza studio)
- age 18 (started college)
- age 21
And now I have a new teacher at my new school.

Currently working on: Bach Chaconne and the Sibelius violin concerto

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