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Village Food India - UNSEEN INDIAN FOOD + Queen of Chutney in Kerala!!

Mark Wiens

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KANNUR, INDIA During out time in Kerala, we had a chance to learn about the countryside village life, make a number of outstanding chutneys with the Queen of Chutney, have an exquisite local lunch, and end the day with a whole goat prepared Malabar style a mix of Indian and Arabian flavors and techniques. #Kerala #India #IndianFood

Thank you to Seashell Haris Beach Home for arranging everything and setting up this amazing day. They are doing great things, and I would highly recommend staying there when you visit Kannur:

What I love so much about Indian food is how diverse it is, and the mindblowing combinations of spices, ingredients, and flavors that go into every dish. After attempting to harvest some mussels and hanging out with fishermen for a while, we headed back to the village to start cooking. The highlight at the beginning of the day was a green passion fruit chutney.

Indian food lunch For lunch, we headed back to Seashell Haris Beach Home where they prepared an outstanding local Kerala lunch of a variety of different dishes, all together with fried pomfret.

Whole masala goat Mr. Haris then prepared for us an entire goat, a small but flavorful goat, rubbed in a huge amount of masala paste I like to call it the Kerala spice treatment. It was delicious and a perfect way to end this amazing day of village Indian food in Kerala!

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