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Victorian Goes Punk - I made some very silly pants

Morgan Donner

Go check out !! It's super nifty, and make sure to use code MORGAN for $10 off your purchase!

MiddleSchoolMe would be so proud of me right now (or be horrifically embarrassed, it's honestly hard to say).

Rachel Maksy's incredibly inspiring SECRET PANTS video:
Bernadette Banner also recently made a her own split skirt! (and talks more about the history/background of divided skirts, which I completely neglected to include)

More pants!
Sew Through Time:
The Sewlo Artist:
Pocket Full of Poseys :
Swimming in a Sea of Estrogen:
Dressing History:

Thank you to the lovely folk below who gave me permission to use their photos!
Bonus thanks to for that shirt gathering pin trick!

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